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Kidssmiling x VitaPura GmbH

Vita Pura and KIDsmiling

We at Vita Pura have been supporting the private initiative KIDsmiling for years and are happy to give children, who do not have it particularly easy in life, a future, perspective and joy.

What is KIDsmiling?

The non-profit association KIDsmiling was founded in 2003 by the entrepreneur Dr Sandra von Möller as a private initiative and has been run by her on a voluntary basis ever since. The aim of the association is to support socially disadvantaged children and young people and to show them perspectives for their future.

What is the power of KIDsmiling?

The focus is on the KIDsmiling football project. Since 2007, the organisation has been offering free football training under the guidance of trained coaches for girls and boys between the ages of six and 18, who usually have no connection to clubs. The training sessions take place on public football pitches in the residential areas of the children and young people – i.e. in their direct living environment – and are freely accessible. Highlights are the “KIDsmiling Winter Cup” indoors and the “KIDsmiling Summer Cup” at the training ground of 1. FC Köln, where all KIDsmiling teams compete for winner and fairness trophies.

The football project is complemented by a nutrition and an education project. In cooking workshops, the children and young people learn how to cook healthy dishes with fresh ingredients for a balanced diet. During the workshops, they also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the other kids and make new friends. The workshops take place at Breidenbacher Hof in Düsseldorf as well as in youth facilities near the training locations of the football project.