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Pure and natural nuts & dried fruits

This is our promise to all Vita Pura customers: we only trade in pure and natural quality!

Best nuts and dried fruits for manufacturers

Strict quality controls

We import our products from the world’s premium countries of origin and deliver them to specialist retailers throughout Europe. During this process, we attach the utmost importance to ensuring that the specific cultivation conditions offer the nuts and fruits the best conditions for natural growth and impeccable ripeness.
Each fruit places specific requirements in the soil in which it grows. And only certain countries of origin provide the ideal climactic conditions. We know where the best nuts and dried fruits ripen. That’s why we can always offer our customers fresh goods in the highest quality.

We listen to your wishes

We have a long-standing business relationships with the majority of our customers, which in many cases have developed into personal friendships. They have therefore come to invest considerable trust in us – a privilege that we seek to honour at all times. That’s why we are always keen to listen to our customer’s concerns and do our level best to help them develop new and innovative products.

Inspiration for fresh ideas

You will be astonished by the tantalising nuances that our fresh ingredients can add to your products. Our aromatic nuts and dried fruits from fresh harvests make them a culinary delight. The superb pastes we produce create uniquely flavoursome experiences.

Wholesale nuts, pastes and dried fruits

Are you a manufacturer requiring the best ingredients for your products? We import high-quality nuts and delicious premium dried fruit. The products we import for our customers originate in the world’s best growing areas. And our customers use them to create the finest delicacies. Pastes such as hazelnut paste, almond paste and also vanilla pastes round off the Vita Pura portfolio.

Vita Pura is a certified company of the German organic inspection body Abcert.